#kora22 | The Cause

#kora22 | The Cause

YamLal Rasaily was a cycling Para Athlete, training to one day compete in the Olympics. Unfortunately, he did not survive the pandemic, and in the delta phase, caught the virus and succumbed to it.

Recently the cyclists from Nepalgunj and Dhangadhi proposed that the cause for 2022 should be to raise funds to uplift his family – wife and children – paying for a permanent shop / boutique for his wife’s business, and perhaps a trust to ensure quality education for his children.

At TEAM KORA, we could not be more proud to raise funds for this just cause. He was an inspiration to us all.

THE TARGET : NRs. 600,000 (minimum)

Q. How does one raise for the cause?

You prespire. You challenge yourself to a certain number of kilometers. Talk to your friends and family about it. Ask the to contribute Rs. 100 for each kilometer you ride. Voila! you get your funds for the charity.

Imagine how much money we could put to a good cause should everyone do just that! Start now. Be the change!

Q. How can I participate even if I am not riding?

PLEDGE a Donation to the cause. Use this form. Pledge for a rider, or just generally right here. Be Generous.



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