#kora24 - The Greatest Ride in the Himalayas. And Beyond!

Hey there!

We are bursting with excitement to share that Team Kora is gearing up for an incredible cycling challenge in Nepal, and we’re thrilled to hear that many cities around the world will be joining us too!

We want to make this event a success, and that’s why we need your help. We’re inviting proposals to decide which cause to support in this round of the Kora Charity Challenge. We’ll be releasing a Google form soon for you to share your ideas, and we’re reverting back to the format we had before the pandemic. So, get ready to share your awesome ideas with us!

We’re grateful for your love and support, and we’re committed to making this event enjoyable for everyone. It’s your event, and we’re here to make it happen.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, and we hope to see you at the #koraChallenge on 20th July 2024!


While the main organisers are the above, the KORA would never go ahead without the support of so many organisations and individuals. We thankful to each one of them, and welcome more to our fold.

Partners in #kora24

#kora | The Journey since 2011

Started in 2011 with just 35 riders riding to raise funds for charity, this ride is now the biggest charity ride in the Himalaya, with over 4000 – 5000 riders riding close to 175,000 kms every year, in over several locations in Nepal and around the world. Join the Challenge.
For youself. And, in your location. Or, travel to the nearest location and join the challenge.

Supporters who have been with KORA through the years

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