#kora23 | The Cause

#kora23 | The Cause
The Earthquake in Turkey was similar in dimension to Nepal, but far more deadly.


Every year since 2011, the Kora Cycling Challenge has always been supporting initiatives. Riders raise Rs. 100 for each kilometer they ride (through friends, family or the organisation) and bring together the funds raised to do good.

Over the years, this mechanism has put close to Rs. 70,00,000 into different initiatives – from educational support, medicine – maintaining and building maternity clinics, health posts and cancer screening for women, humanitarian (helping families of riders who lost their lives), building women leadership (via investment in adventure sports for women), cycling (building trails) etc.

This year, after much consideration, it was decided to take our funds internationally!

After the devastating earthquakes of 2015 in Nepal, the first international responders to arrive were the Turkish, on the first international flight that arrived the next morning from Turkey.

This time, we want to give back to Turkey and invest in the myriad small initiatives that are there to help rebuild from their earthquake. which was similar in strength, but far more devastating!

Lets showcase the generosity of the Nepali riders and people!

Where can you send in your contributions?

1. You can bring it in CASH to the Cycle City Network Nepal office in Lalitpur
2. You can send it via transfer or online to

Cycle City Network Nepal-KORA
Account # 09711002800
Laxmi Bank, Sanepa Branch, Nepal
3. We are still working on getting a QR code so you can send via mobile pay!

Thanks for your support to this wonderful cause!


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